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S.2.R.E is an edge data collection and routing software developed by the SOVWARE INDONESIA. it is designed to collect data from various sources, such as sensors, IoT devices, and other edge devices, and route it to the appropriate location for processing and analysis

Why edge computing solution
are the best choice

Edge computing solutions offer several benefits for enterprises, including:

saving time with technology with edge computing
Reduce Latency

by processing and analyzing data closer to the source. Enterprises can improve the speed and accuracy of their operations, leading to increased efficiency and better decision-making

improve security for data with edge computing
Improve Security

by keeping data local & minimizing the need for data to be transferred over the network. Provide enterprises more control over their data, allowing them to implement security measures that are tailored to their specific needs

how to reduce cloud cost with edge computing
Reduce Cloud Cost

by processing & analyzing data locally, enterprises can reduce the amount of data that needs to be transferred over the network, reducing bandwidth costs and cloud computing costs

Use Case

We provide a subscription-based service to customers in industries such as energy, manufacturing, healthcare, environment and retail, where data from edge devices can be valuable for optimizing operations, monitoring equipment performance, and identifying trends and patterns






We provide real solutions to solve problems

Improved operational efficiency, better decision-making through real-time data insights, and reduced downtime and maintenance costs through predictive maintenance. Provide a scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solution for collecting and processing data from edge devices.



  • Deploy & Manage Agent
  • Data Ingestions
  • Data Integrations
  • Analyze & Visualize
deploy agent icon flat white
icon processing analyze
icon flat data ingestion and data integration
icon white analyze monitoring
s2re as edge computing solution

How S.2.R.E works

S.2.R.E is a powerful tool for collecting and routing data from edge device 

edge computing in s2re product
line circle integration data
circle element line integration
Edge computing in fiber optics
dot element edge agent

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Here is the features about S2RE System for fulfill your requirements and bring your business to the next level.

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