Our Team

Indra - CTO

With a diverse international background in software development and firmware engineering, this Indra’s journey has been marked by significant accomplishments. Notably, in the UK, He developed a GSM Monitoring Tool, while in Indonesia, He mastered embedded firmware for Xirka WiMAX OFDMA and AES 128 encryption in Secure Smart Card Firmware. His expertise extends to backend systems, including a Django REST-API Smart Card Web Administration. He also contributed to a modern web app in Japan, employing Flask and React JS, and created a Japanese writing parser tool for Statistical Machine Translation. His adaptability and technical prowess shine, complemented by their proficiency in Apache Nifi and other Apache stack components, which enhance data integration and workflow automation.

Sriyanto - CEO

With a wealth of experience in telecommunications and data management for major providers in Indonesia and Malaysia, Sriyanto seamlessly transitions into Edge Computing and ETL tools. His expertise in core enterprise systems, including data warehousing, billing, and CRM, is complemented by a significant role in Enterprise Application Integration. He is adept at streamlining complex systems and leveraging Enterprise Software like SAP, Oracle, IBM, and SoftwareAG. Proficient in ETL tools such as Pentaho, Master Data Management with Talend, and data integration using WebMethods, their versatility shines. This diverse skill set positions he as a founder of Sovware with S.2.R.E as valuable asset in Edge Computing and ETL data transformation.

Lutfi - CMO

With a strong background in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and web development, Lutfi seamlessly blends his expertise into IoT and Edge Computing domains. His pivotal roles in Coastal and Small Island Data Integration projects for multiple Ministries demonstrate their data integration prowess. As a GIS Analyst, He skillfully integrated data from diverse sources like Google Maps and ArcGIS Rest API. His proficiency extends to full-stack web GIS development for local governments. Notably, he earned Digital Talent Scholarships and excelled in leadership roles in Data Analyst projects. His recognition, including Google Cloud Badges, underscores his commitment to technology’s forefront.

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